Eventfuli.com is a website for photographers to be seen faster and easier by their clients. Founded in the year 2020 by a photographer that noticed it can be difficult to juggle their profession and passion with marketing and business.

It was difficult to find clients, and it was difficult to find a way for clients to find them. Sacrifices had to be made. If he was working on looking for clients then he was not capable of enjoying his passion, but if he was enjoying his passion then he was not capable of finding more clients. He came up with an idea to help other photographers that may be in this same situation.

By creating a website that can make it easy for photographers to showcase some of their work and clients to be able to find the photographer that they feel will best suit their needs.

The photographers can focus more on what they love to do and allow eventfuli.com to do the marketing and find them clients. The clients can focus more on other needs because they were able to find the photographer that they needed without spending extra time, and they can enjoy their event knowing that they hired the best for them. Eventfuli.com is here to help everyone.

It is designed to make all lives easier. We are excited to help both the photographer and the client.

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