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Originally from Northeastern Pennsylvania where she was a marketing manager for a restoration company for many years, Jessica Shultz moved to Lancaster County in July of 2014.

Photography has always been a huge passion for Jessica. She is self-taught and has a natural eye for a great shot. She loves capturing beautiful scenes and moments and freezing them in time to be enjoyed for many years to come.

Jessica personally knows the importance of a photograph when that's all you have left. A photograph has the power to stir up a flood of memories and emotions.

After the tragic death of her young daughter, Camryn, a few years ago, photography became even more important in Jessicas life, growing from a mere passion-driven hobby into a therapeutic coping mechanism fueled by even more passion.

After accumulating several thousand photos in a brief time, Jessicas partner and biggest supporter urged her to start her own photography business and share her view with the world. Thus began Jessica Shultz Photography in 2018 (officially).

Nature and landscapes are usually the subject matter of most of Jessicas work, but she loves the creative experience and being able to constantly evolve her photography.

The right image can tell a story and relay a part of us for others to connect to. Jessica loves helping others tell their story. Jessica offers Personal Brand Photographic services to help small businesses grow their brands and tell their stories.

When not behind the lens, Jessica enjoys being with her family, hiking, being in nature, and traveling (especially to the shore).

Jessica works part-time at a local artisan gift shop, but she mainly focuses on family and photography.

In addition to her photography found on her website, Jessica has work featured at Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery and Purple Robin Reserve. Both are located in Lititz, PA.


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