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Finding Your Photographer

Finding Your Photographer

Finding Your Photographer

Your photographer?  Aren’t they all the same?  You get what you pay for right?

Yes.  No. And kind of.

Your photographer should be a photographer that was meant for you. After all, you’re hiring them to capture memories of your baby, your products or your family.  Working with them should feel almost like working with the part of the family you like.  There will be differences in opinions and maybe some ideas you’re not sure of, but when you find the right photographer the results are great! And, equally as important, you’ll have good memories of your special day.

Not all photographers are the same.  Even if a photographer has award winning work, if their personality is not a good fit for you, it will likely cause tension and bad memories when reminiscing over photographs taken by them.  You don’t have to pay loads of money to get the right photographer for you.  There are many quality photographers that have affordable rates, and many subpar photographers that charge way too much.  So how do you find yours?

Do Your Research.  Photographers come in many shapes, sizes, personalities and styles.  Referrals are often best because your friends and family likely have similar tastes.  It only makes sense to ask them!  Take a look at their work as well as their business from a professional stand point. This can speak a lot for the type of person they are.  No matter what your needs, you’ll want a photographer that is equipped and interested to handle the assignment you have, and a personality that fits yours.  Many times, I have seen people display beautiful photographs in their homes and offices only to have horror stories of personality clashes between them and the photographer.

Budget Appropriately. When it comes to hiring a photographer, do some research on prices in your area.  Based on that information, you can come up with a reasonable budget for your needs.  Paying anything less should be a bonus, but not expected.  And remember, price does not always define the skill level of a photographer.  There are some high-quality photographers that are still building their businesses, which often makes them very affordable.  On the other side, some of the higher priced photographers may be offering much more than you need for your assignment.  There’s no reason to pay for something you don’t actually need.

Interview and Review.  A photographer should be someone that you enjoy working with to help save your memories. Check with their work and even ask to speak with past clients to really be sure you’re choosing the right match.  Make sure you are paying a fair price for the services you need, to someone you enjoy being around.  The more you like your photographer, the more you’ll LOVE the photos.