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Stop Relying So Much on Photoshop

Photographer Editing Tips

Stop Relying So Much on Photoshop

Stop Relying So Much on Photoshop

Part of the purpose of these blogs is to help smooth out the details that will let you see better profit margins without needing to increase price or sacrifice quality. At Eventfuli, we care about helping photographers have successful photography businesses that translate to happy clients.

One of our suggestions is to STOP relying on photoshop all the time. I hear from many photographers, “I’ll just photoshop it out.” What?!

Photoshop takes time. No matter how good you are with Photoshop it will still take longer in Photoshop to edit out that piece of jewelry or strand of hair, than it would have taken to simply remove the jewelry or move the hair. First thing you’re going to say is, “it’s only an extra five minutes”. Ok, great, five minutes. That adds up. Have ten photos to take out that same piece of jewelry? That’s almost an hour in front of the computer. If you used that same logic on all of your clients, and shot six clients in a day. Even with only one photo that needed a piece of jewelry removed. Thirty minutes spent photoshopping out jewelry.

Imagine the time savings if the client just removed the jewelry! One, maybe two minutes. That will save at least three minutes per client, and if you do six clients a day, that still saves twenty-five minutes.

What if we lose the jewelry? Make a workflow system. Put a box in the studio or carry a small bag with you (preferably something sturdy and trustworthy like a small purse or waterproof carry case) where you can place the client’s valuables until you’re done with the shoot. Even if you forget to give them back immediately after you’re done, you still know exactly where they’re at.

I know many of you are wondering why saving a mere three minutes per client would be even remotely beneficial. Those three minutes add up. Each minute you spend editing your photos is another minute NOT spent advertising (like getting a profile listing here- link to sign up page), meeting with potential clients, shooting more photos (isn’t that what we’re here for?) or even being able to relax. Time adds up. As seen earlier, you could spend an extra hour a day editing photos using the theory of “I’ll just photoshop it out.” Would you pay anyone else to “fix it later”? Doubtful, so why charge your clients to fix it later?

On top of all of these reasons not to rely solely on photoshop, by creating a streamline workflow, you could make more money. A lot more. Saving yourself that hour of editing opens up the possibilities to make more time to shoot and bring in more clients. Isn’t that the goal?