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It can be a challenge to find the right photographer for your life’s events and even harder for photographers to get their name out so you can find them. We’ve come up with a solution: Eventfuli is here to match people who need photography for their wedding, head shots, corporate events, parties and more with photographers who specialize in just what they need! Search filtered lists of exceptional photographers who will be standing by to share portfolios and quote jobs.

From Babies to Boudoir, we’ll have a photographer for you!

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Stop Relying So Much on Photoshop

Stop Relying So Much on Photoshop Part of the purpose of these blogs is to help smooth out the details that will let you see better profit margins without needing to increase price or sacrifice quality. At Eventfuli, we care about helping photographers have successful photography businesses that translate to happy clients. One of our suggestions is to STOP relying […]

To Filter or Not To Filter?

In the new age of digital photography, a lot of the “old school” ways have been falling to the wayside.  Things like dark rooms, film, handheld light meters.  Ever use one?  Although still great parts of the photography world – mostly in alternative process – somethings must change to make more efficient work flows.  One thing that I have noticed being used less and less are filters.  Filters are a way of “old school” that should be recommissioned, dusted off and put back on that camera. 

Step Away From the Cell Phone

Want really amazing photos at your next event where there are guests (i.e. wedding, birthday party, etc.)? Ask your guests to put their phones away!  I just heard you gasp. But, this is your event.  One of the biggest issues that photographers have to deal with in today’s technology age is working around the smartphone camera.